Do you feel like your child's behaviour is having a negative impact on your family? Do you feel like you are fighting a losing battle when it comes down to their behaviour? Are they behaving badly at school too? Do you often have to leave places because of bad behaviour? Have you felt that your child’s behaviour is a reflection on you as a parent and that whatever you are doing just isn’t enough? 


STOP right there, Transitions is here to help you!

You are not alone in feeling this way, these questions get asked by numerous family homes

across the world! I think it is helpful to know that there is no perfect family, and there is no guide to perfect parenting! You are the parent and the expert of your child, I am just here to support you and give you new ideas,

tips and advice! The challenges you are facing could be a result of your own personal issues, such as having an anxious child that you don't know how to help, or you have hit a standstill following a diagnosis.

No matter what the reason is, most parents have been in this situation during parenthood. Luckily, there is a simple solution to the situation you are facing, and that is to talk. I can help you explore the issues you are facing and coach you in transforming your child's behaviour. I provide 1:1 sessions to help you, as well as virtual memberships with other parents, Q + A sessions, life-changing techniques and training! My service offers individual support tailored to suit you and your family. 

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Parent and Child at the Supermarket
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Danielle Bull is the owner of Transitions and creator of "" she has been transforming challenging child behaviours for eight years, allowing parents to cherish and enjoy the special times with their child. She believes that parents are always the expert when it comes to their children, however, sometimes they just need a helping hand and for someone to take their stress away! Danielle has attended hundreds of training and with her degrees in ‘The Children and Young People Workforce’ and ‘Education and Training’ and NLP Therapy, her experience & passion, she has a large extent of knowledge of all aged children, in any environment and background. She has been supporting vulnerable children for the past three years, transforming their behaviours and ensuring that they are emotionally and socially resilient, to make sure they can confidently face the world as adults! Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, Danielle has the tools to support you. Parents describe her as ‘kind, caring but firm’, ‘invaluable support for my son as he was grieving’, ‘empathetic and understand’ and ‘she restored my faith back in my daughter’. No behaviour will scare Danielle, the bigger the issue,

the more determined she will be to unravel the behaviour and successfully work with you and your child. Danielle will explore, 

understand and transform any challenging child behaviour. You can work with Danielle through 1:1 sessions or by joining her fabulous membership where you will receive on-hand personal support, behavioural techniques, new parenting methods, helpful resources and much, much more! When Danielle isn’t working you will find her at the beach in sunny Cornwall with her family & friends!

Continue through my website to find out how transitions can help you! Don't forget we offer coaching,1:1 sessions, free group support and memberships!