Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like your child's behaviour is having a negative impact on your family? Do you feel like you are fighting a losing battle when it comes down to their behaviour? Are they behaving badly at school too? Do you often have to leave places because of bad behaviour? Have you felt that your child’s behaviour is a reflection on you as a parent and that whatever you are doing just isn’t enough? 


STOP right there, Transitions is here to help you!

You are not alone in feeling this way, these questions get asked by numerous family homes

across the world! I think it is helpful to know that there is no perfect family, and there is no guide to perfect parenting! You are the parent and the expert of your child, I am just here to support you and give you new ideas,

tips and advice! The challenges you are facing could be a result of your own personal issues, such as having an anxious child that you don't know how to help, or you have hit a standstill following a diagnosis.

How can I help you?

I use a fantastic method to break down your child's behaviour. I will help you do the following during 1:1 sessions.

1. Explore- We shall work together to explore the behaviours you are seeing, we will look at their diagnosis (if they have one), we will look at when you experience these behaviours and reasons why they could be happening.

2. Understand- Next I will help you understand your child's behaviour. I will teach you tips and tricks to use, I will send you any resources that will benefit you and tell you how best to help your child on a day to day basis.

Transform- Finally, I will support you for the next 4 weeks in transforming your child's behaviour. I will be hand to answer any questions, offer you different techniques to use and most of all I will be there for you! I will be there to help you when things get tough! 

                "I was at a loss, I couldn't take his behaviour anymore, then I found Danielle. I know understand                           how to give my child the support he needs, I know how to adapt things to make it easier for him, and best of all- we have a great relationship."

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Continue through my website to find out how I can help you! Don't forget I offer 1:1 sessions, free group supporT & courses for parents!