Welcome to your Behaviour Hub!

This Hub will help you transform your child's behaviour.

Your child will be going from acting up to calming down!

Welcome to the Parent Behaviour Hub. If you are a parent struggling with your child's behaviour than you are in the RIGHT place!

Whether your child is 4 or 18, diagnosed or undiagnosed, if you are going round in circles, experiencing the same challenging behaviour day in, day out and can't see any end, then this Hub is for you! You will be joining my courses/ workshops feeling like you just can't live with this behaviour anymore, but once you are in, all of your anxiety will be eased, your questions will be answered and you will see a transformation in your child's behaviour!

Imagine how much easier it would be to help your child if you felt more educated about their behaviour!



Let me guess...

It's been another day of frustration, banging your head against the wall, repeating yourself hundreds of times and just wishing that you could just have one day with no arguments! I understand, I know it's hard but challenging behaviour can be changed, together we can make a difference to your life, your child's life, your families life. I have felt your pain, in the last two years, I have transitioned over 20 students back into a mainstream setting! The majority of them had 2 or more diagnosis! I am going to tell you everything I did, and everything I used in my workshops and membership so that you can do the same!

You're wondering...

How can I get my child to listen?

How do I stop their aggression?

How do I get them to listen?

How do I understand my child?

What will stop my child from behaving this way?

Will they behave like this forever?

I hear you and I can help you. I once worked with a child that I could not even say hello to, without getting a slap in the face or a chunk of hair pulled out! I went home every day covered in bites, bruises, scratches and would constantly ask myself 'what am I doing wrong?', 'Why doesn't he like me?', 'Am I bad at my job?' Then I realised it wasn't me, it wasn't the child, it was the behaviour. I wasn't breaking it down and adapting my methods to suit the child. After working on every single behaviour in detail, stay firm by fair, staying consistent and determined to help this child, I started to see massive improvements, as so did his parents. He was able to listen to my instructions, communicate how he was feeling, control his anger and actions.. and best of all He was able to transition into a mainstream school! Now, this was massive for him! He came to us not being able to even hold a conversation with anyone without kicking out. He couldn't walk past someone without spitting at them. If someone was near him he would do anything he could to make sure he was upsetting them. 9 amazing months later he was sitting in a classroom full of students, completing work, making friends and having fun! He was able to change his behaviour, even though he still had his 4 diagnoses! His parents say "Danielle restored our faith back in our son".

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I know what you are thinking.. So, what do I get if I become a member?

You will get easy to use access to everything in the behaviour world! The membership is split up into simple sections to ensure that you find everything that you need! These sections include ADHD, ASD, SPD, general challenging behaviour, managing emotions, effective communication, overcoming anxiety, building confidence, dealing with trauma, parent support and EXTRA SPECIAL BONUSES!

In every easy to follow, step by step section you will find the following information:

What is this diagnosis? - An easy to understand explanation of your child's diagnosis, possible triggers and the history behind the additional need.

The expected behaviours- What behaviours do you expect to see when your child has this diagnosis.

Why do we experience these behaviours?- Reasons why your child is behaving in a certain way! 

What the behaviours mean- What is the behaviour showing us, what is your child try to tell us.

Strategies- The easiest and most effective strategies.

Resources- Extra support to encourage good behaviour and support you and your child.

I have been helping parents and their children for over 6 years- now it is my time to help you, in an affordable, easy to understand, outstanding membership! Spaces are limited so do not wait too long!

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