The Anxiety Toolkit!

Turn your/ your child's Anxiety into Confidence! A helpful Tool Kit that discusses what Anxiety is, what it feels like, why it happens, how to explain it to your child, how to ease your anxiety, techniques to use with your child and self-help ideas for parents! I understand that explaining Anxiety and the feelings connected to it is hard, so use my helpful Tool Kit to help you and your child! 

Managing Emotions, Communication & Routine Support Pack

A fantastic support pack to help you and your child manage their behaviour! This 3 in 1 pack contains visuals to improve communication, managing emotions and encourage routine, supportive information for you and resources for your child to use! This pack is perfect for any family, however, is really valuable for families that have children with ADHD, ASD & SPD. ONLY £19.99

Supporting Child Anxiety

The perfect pack for an anxious child! This pack contains information for parents, activities to ease anxiety and great visuals! A lovely pack to ensure that children can manage and understand anxiety! ONLY £8.99

Visual Routine Support Pack

A simple but extremely effective method to help children with a routine! Routine is vital for every child. It brings down any negative feelings, creates a calm environment & allows them to see what is happening next! You will defiantly see a decrease in aggression and frustration by using this pack! In this pack, you will find 'now & next visuals, activities visuals, a reward chart, our house rules and my morning & nighttime routine'    ONLY £12.99